At CF Matic we are designing and building specialized production equipment.​ All our solutions are built on a simple formula with three important ingredients:

Customized - because customers are not the same – not even within the same industry.

Functional - because the equipment needs to perform consistently 24/7 at highest capacity.

Automatic - because all customers needs to run a profitable production with minimum manual involvement.

To secure our deliveries fulfill the above formula, all deliveries are tested and validated in our factory before shipment.


At CF Matic we have our roots in the medico/pharma industry, but over the years we have successfully transformed our systematic DNA into profitable solutions within food and non-food industries too. Furthermore our DNA have secured us with some of the best Quality & Compliance experts available.

All our solutions and services are based on our customers specific demands within:


​Robot Solutions

Assembly Cells

Concept Development

Proces Optimization

Quality & Compliance

Service & Maintenance

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