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Customized, Functional and Automatic solutions for Medico, Food and Non-Food Industries. 


Robot Solutions

A robot solution is a flexible solution that easily can be programmed to any need. Often it is easy to adapt to new product configurations. The free movement of a robot makes it optimal for imitating manual processes.

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Process Optimization

A machine might not be the answer to all tasks. We will guide you through a value stream mapping process, where we will identify waste and flow obstructions. Based on the result, we deliver a Future State Map and a catalogue of improvement suggestions.

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Assembly Cells

Assembly cells - with or without robots - makes it possible to do several operations at the same time. It gives the benefit of a fast process with a small footprint.

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Quality & Compliance

Our validations specialists have several years of experience in working according to GAMP 5, GMP and the V-model. This experience is both used when we produce new machines but also as a separate service for customers who need to validate their current equipment and software.

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Concept Development

Prototypes and mock-ups are important parts of developing new concepts. Apart from building the machines in our workshop we use a proven design process to help our customers through a concept development.

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Service & Maintenance

Take benefit of a service agreement. Both our mechanical service engineers and our software specialists are ready to help our customers.

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